Why should you join?

You are not required to join to enjoy our facility. Non members are always welcome at our range, and will always be treated as welcome guests. However, here are a few reasons why you may want to join.

  • Unlike other clubs of our type, once you join there are no other fees to be paid on public days. Only at special programs and events. Many clubs charge hourly or daily fees to their members for range use. We do not do that.

  • Members do not have to rent targets frames at $5 per use. That is included.

  • Members do not have to purchase a season pass to shoot trap.They just pay for each round of 25 birds they shoot.

  • If you are a frequent user of our facility, you can save quite a bit of money.

  • It is also nice to be recognized by our staff and our other members as being part of the effort.

  • We do ask that our members get involved and help in some way. However, you are not punished or charged a fee if you do not. We would just like you to get involved. You will have fun, learn new things, and meet some wonderful new people at the same time.

  • We always need quality volunteers in any capacity, including assistant range officers. To be an assistant range officer you do not need to have any certifications or qualifications. We will train you at no charge, and we can get you certified right at the range when the time comes. The members that have gotten trained with us loved it.

  • We also need plumbers and carpenters, and anyone else with talents or expertise. No good volunteer is ever turned away.

  • Most importantly, our membership records are always kept private, and are not sold or shared with anyone. They are also never accessible online.

New membership applications

Our membership runs from January 1st to December 31st. Our members are mailed renewals for the following year           

on or about October 31st.

For a copy of our membership application  click here.

or pick one up at the range. The application must be filled out completely and legibly.

All applications must be submitted in person at the range, and I.D. must be provided at the time of application so that we know who the applicant is. Youth and junior member applicants are exempt from the I.D. requirement as long as their parents are current members, or applying at the same time.

New member applicants may pay in cash or by check. If paying by check the application process is delayed until all funds have cleared.

Membership Renewals

Current members should receive a renewal form on or around October 31st. Members may also print a copy of the renewal form and mail it in, or renew in person at the range and get a new card immediately.

For a copy of our renewal form click here.

Renewing members may pay by cash or check. We do not make our members wait for funds to clear.

Mail your renewal form to:


P.O. Box 7145

Wilton, CT  06897-7145

Members: please make sure to always present your membership card and number when signing in at the range.

Membership and Getting Involved