Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open to the public?

Yes, we are open to the public. You do not have to be a member to shoot here. We have memberships available for those who are interested in joining.

Can out-of-state (Non-Connecticut) residents use your facility?

Yes, everyone is welcome.

Do you rent guns?

No, we do not rent firearms, but private lessons and safety courses are available for those looking to learn to shoot.

What does it cost to shoot there?

The cost is $20 per person and $5 to use one of our target stands. Children under 14 cost $5. We also offer 5-day discount cards for $80. You end up with 1 free visit. This card cannot be used for a group discount. We only accept cash payments.

Is there a minimum age?

No there is not. We welcome children at our facility. However, children must be closely supervised by a parent or legal guardian, and only use firearms they can safely and easily handle.

Will I need to show identification?

Yes, any form of photo i.d. is acceptable.

What are the Connecticut laws regarding the transportation of firearms?

There are too many regulations to list here, and we refrain from giving legal advice. For up-to-date information regarding CT firearm laws we recommend you contact the CT State Police weapons unit. They have a good website with a phone number you can call to ask questions. They are very nice and are always glad to help anyone who calls. You do not have to identify yourself when you call.    But please, be friendly and polite to them. They receive many calls on this issue. To go to the weapons unit website click here.

Are there instructors who can work with me?

Our staff is always willing to work with you to help you shoot safer.

What am I allowed to bring during open hours?

You may bring rifles, pistols, and shotguns. There are no caliber restrictions. No automatic or select fire is allowed. No bump fire or trick accessories that mimic auto are allowed. No tracers or exploding targets are allowed.

Can I shoot a shotgun on rifle/pistol days?

Yes, but you cant use our target frames. You may shoot at the backstop or your own target frame.

Do you have a trap program?

Yes, we do. Trap is every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to sunset year-round. For all information about the trap program please visit      

Do I need a reservation?

No. The range operates on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Can I bring my own target frame?

Yes you can, as long as it is tall enough (roughly 6 ft. tall) so that your impacts go into the backstop.

Do I have to bring targets?

You may bring your own paper targets, but you get 2 free paper targets with your sign-in if you need them. You may also bring spinners or reusable metal targets to place on the backstop. Our store also has a selection of Shoot N See and other high visibility targets.

What items can I put on the backstop to shoot at?

 You may place clay pigeons, bowling pins, or reusable metal targets such as spinners on the backstop. No other items are allowed to be placed on the backstop. We have clays and bowling pins available for sale.

What do I need to bring with me?

Firearms. Eye and ear protection, which we have for sale if you need them. A hat is recommended due to the line is uncovered and not shaded.

Can outside instructors bring students to the range?

Yes. Instructors are welcome to bring groups of students to the range during public rifle/pistol hours. Just inform the sign-in officer that you are an instructor, and we will accommodate you.

When do you close for the season?

Our summer schedule runs from mid-April to the last week of November, then we change to our limited winter schedule that runs December and January. Rifle/pistol closes for February and March, but trap continues year-round. The winter schedule is posted in the beginning of November. To see our schedule and hours of operation click here.

Do you have parking?

We have more than enough free parking to accommodate even our busiest days.

Do you have bathrooms?

Yes. We have clean, well-maintained bathrooms available.

Do you serve food or drinks?

No. Feel free to bring your lunch and a cooler and spend the day with us. No alcohol is allowed.

Are suppressors allowed?


Can I take photos or videos?

Yes, but only of the people in your group. As a courtesy, we ask that no pictures or videos be taken of other people without their permission.

Do you have places to sit and rest?

Yes, we have nice shaded benches and a picnic pavilion.

Are you handicapped accessible?

Our rifle/pistol and trap stations are handicap accessible.

Is alcohol of any kind permitted?

No, alcohol is not allowed anywhere on our premises.

Do you give police discounts?


Can I keep my brass?


Am I required to clean up my shooting station when I am done?


Can friends shoot together in the same area?


Can I shoot rifles and pistols at the same bench?

Yes. You may stay at the same spot all day if you like.

Can I get involved?

Absolutely. We are always looking for dedicated volunteers in any capacity. For more information on getting involved click here.

Are you involved in politics?


Is your staff friendly?

Very. Our staff loves being here and really enjoys working with the public. They love to help our patrons and are very social.

Does Law Enforcement use include individual officers?

No. Law Enforcement use is for departmental qualifications and training of SWAT and sniper teams only under our Directors's supervision.