1. All persons desiring to use the range must sign in with the range officer. The range officer will assign you a shooting position.

2. No unsafe firearm, as determined by the range officer, will be permitted on the range. No automatic firearms of any kind can be used at the range.

3. Adequate eye and ear protection must be worn by everyone on the firing line. Access to the range will be denied by the range officer to  anyone not in compliance.

4. Possession or use of alcohol or drugs is not permitted on the range. Any person whose behavior suggests they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed on the range.

5. All persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

6. No one is permitted to load any firearm until on the ready line, and only after the range is determined to be clear and safe to do so. No firearms shall be handled during cease-fires. You may only fire from your assigned position.

7. The muzzle of any firearm must never be pointed towards anyone at any time.

8. Firing will be permitted at prescribed targets only. Plinking at bottles, trash, exploding targets, pyrotechnic devices, etc will not be permitted.

9. All targets will be placed in the center of the target frames.

10.  Horseplay or improper use of firearms will not be permitted.

11. Uncontrolled rapid fire is not permitted. A controlled rapid fire rate should not exceed 5 rounds in 10 seconds.

12. Angle or cross firing is not permitted. Shoot at your own target only.

13. No one may walk forward of the firing line for any reason, until the range officer has certified that the line is safe and has given permission to do so.

14. When the cease-fire is called(a horn or siren will sound), all firearms will be made safe and placed on the bench. The actions must be locked open, and the magazines removed.

15. Shooters should step back from the firing line to indicate to the range officer that they have made their firearms safe.

16. The range officer will check the line to insure all firearms have been made safe before permitting anyone to go forward.

17. Black powder firearms must not be charged during a cease-fire. If your firearm is charged when a cease-fire is called, notify the range officer immediately.

18.  Shooters will be instructed by the range officer when it is safe to go forward and change targets.

19. Shooters are not permitted to approach the benches or handle any firearms during a cease-fire. They may do so only after the range officer has determined the range is clear and given the command to " commence fire".

20. Holstered firearms are not permitted on the range unless properly concealed.

21. Working from the holster is not permitted.

22. A loaded firearms is never to be elevated to a vertical position or any angle that would allow a shot to be fired above or below the backstop area.

23. Shooters who have finished firing must make sure that their firearms are unloaded, and the actions open and safe before leaving the firing line.

24. Each person is responsible for cleaning up their shooting position prior to leaving the range. Be considerate of the next shooter.

25.  Anyone who observes an unsafe condition on the range should call an immediate cease-fire, and contact the range officer. Any shooter hearing the cease-fire called, must stop shooting immediately.

26. Shooting will be permitted according to the published range schedule.

27. Parking areas are provided for the patrons convenience. Courtesy should be the by-word when entering, parking, and leaving. Please do not block other vehicles or the entrances.

28. Shooters who violate these rules or commonly accepted standards of decency will be asked to leave the range area.

29. Shooters will be held liable for any damage they cause to DSSA property.

Range Rules